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Bojan Bulmer

General Manager / Project Manager
General aerospace services


Networker of Bulmer GmbH

Ottostraße 50
52070 Aachen

Phone / Fax:
Phone: +49 241 47589965
Mobile: +49 15117167833
Fax: +49 241 47585723

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For over 10 years, our project and interim managers serve clients mainly in the aviation industry. Our project managers are specialized in projects in the aerospace industry. We have been able to support our customers not only in Germany but also internationally. Particularly in Asia, we have been able to successfully implement projects for our customers. Our project managers and interim managers are able to assimilate into a current project or organization. Thus, our specialists are able best apply their knowledge and experience.  

We achieve sustainable solutions through employee involvement on all levels. This ensures the required management participation as well as the motivation on the shop floor to implement the jointly-designed structures. This motivation is achieved through clear communication structures and interdisciplinary thinking. During the implementation, we perform continuous evaluations to detect weaknesses and therefore ensure the success of the project.

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Firmen die Unterstützung bei der Abwicklung von nationalen und internationalen Projekten im Bereich Flugzeugproduktion, Anlagen- und Vorrichtungsbau suchen.
Companies who are looking for support to execute national and international projects in the area of aircraft production, equipment and tooling.


Wir unterstützen Sie mit unserer Erfahrung, im technischen Projektmanagement auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene. Im Zentrum unserer Leistung steht Ihr Projekterfolg realisiert mit und durch Ihre Organisation und Ihre Mitarbeiter.
Wir helfen Ihnen Ihre Prozesse entsprechend der Kundenanforderungen vorzubereiten und zu implementieren.
Unsere Projekt Manager und Interim Manager übernehmen Verantwortung und treffen Entscheidungen.

Wir bieten:
- Technische Projektleiter und Interim Manager
- Unterstützung, Beratung und operative Abwicklung von der Ausschreibung bis zur Endabnahme
- Unterstützung während der Analyse- und Konzeptphase zur korrekten Identifikation des Projektteams und der Interessengruppen
- Analyse und Controlling von Projektressourcen, Projektkosten und Terminplanung
- Lösung von kulturellen Herausforderungen und Konfliktsituationen, insbesondere im asiatischen Raum (China, Japan, Korea)
- Implementierung von Risikomanagement
- Harmonisierung von Arbeitsabläufe
- Verbesserung von Kommunikationsprozesse


We support you with our experience in technical project management on a national and international level.
Your project success is the focus of our assignment, realized with and through your organization and employees.
We help you to prepare and to implement your processes according to customer requirements.
Our project managers and interim managers take responsibility and make decisions.

We offer:
- Technical project leaders and interim managers
- Support, consultation and operation from tender until final approval
- Support during analysis and concept phase for correct identification of the project team and stakeholders.
- Analysis and controlling of project resources, project costs and schedule
- Resolution of cultural challenges and conflict situations, particularly in Asia (China, Japan, Korea)
- Implementation of risk management
- Harmonization of operational processes
- Improvement of communication processes