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  • Lars Gruenthal

    Nadcap and EN 9100 Accredited heat treatment of: -High-, medium-alloyed and tool steels -Nickel Base Alloys -Titanium alloys -Aluminium alloys -Titanium aluminides Furthermore, we offer advice, support and training in the implementation of heat treatments in your company, as well as their auditing
  • Guglielmo Pisapia

    Networker of S.I.ME. srl Società Industria Meccanica
    Chief Executive Officer
    New partners to share our experience. We are experienced in defense and Hydraulic systems distribution components manufacturing. We would also like to get in touch with companies interested in leading the path to developing MRO business We are offering a wide range of expertise in manufaturing and assemblying of parts and components. Our 5 axis milling centers are connected to PowerShape, PowerMill and FeatureCam stations that can read Catia 3D Models. We have a skilled team and a flexible Manu…
  • Dipl. Ing. Harald Buschmeier

    Networker of Nolte Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH Werkzeug- und Formenbau
    Leitung Vertrieb/Head of Sales
  • Shuki Dinman

    Networker of Matechet - Carmel ,at Hall 6 / 610
    Marketing Manager
    Customers Tier 1-2 in the Avaiton , Defence customers's Sector , Collaboration with EU manfactureres High skills prefomence ,well equipped , long experience in the Metal forming procedures &works , both in the Israel-market and abroad.
  • Thomas Bernhard

    Networker of Flükiger & Co AG
    Geschäftskontakte im Bereich Gesenkschmiedeteile für Luft- und Raumfahrt. Unser Kerngeschäft sind Gesenkschmiedestücke von 0,1 kg bis 200 kg Gewicht sowie Stauchteile (Wellen, Flansche, Hülsen) und Freiformschmiedeteile. Aus Stahl, Inox, Kupfer, Aluminium, Titan und Inconel werden Gesenkschmiedeteile von 0,1 bis 200 kg und Freiformschmiedestücke bis 500 kg hergestellt. Für Prototypen, klein- und mittelgrosse Serien (ca. 10‘000 Stk.) können wir Ihnen durch kurze Lieferzeiten, hohe Flexibilität u…
  • Deputy Director Alexander Bothmann

    Deputy Director
    Companies and organizations that are interested in business opportunities in the State of Florida (USA) OUR SERVICES: All of our services are free of charge. They include: • Detailed information and customized proposals on Florida’s communities • Site selection assistance • Permitting and regulatory assistance • Information on business incentives • Business introductions.
  • Dr. Ottfried Franke

    Networker of urbanPR GmbH
    Standortmarketing Faßberg
    Ich suche für Faßberg am Standort interessierte Unternehmen, auch StartUps oder Dependancen, zivile Bildungsträger sowie Aus- und Fortbildungseinrichtungen als ziviles Pendant zum militärischen Ausbildungszentrum Faßberg (Konvergenz). Willkommen sind auch Unternehmen im Leichtbau. siehe Beschreibung
  • Paul Liias

    Networker of Radius Space
    Radius Space is looking for companies who can offer high quality coatings for aerospace. Radius Space offers precision CNC manufacturing for the Aerospace sector. We have an Flexible Manufacturing System which is perfect for large scale manufacturing.
  • Dr. David Owen

    Networker of Kaman Aerosystems
    Director Regional Business Development
    Opportunities to supply OEM's and Tier 1's. Opportunities to design & build or build to print integrated aerostructures assemblies and components including wing control surfaces, winglets, empennage sections, WTBF's, etc...also Aero-engine parts. These to include Kaman supplying composite and metallic components. Opportunities to supply Aerospace Mould Tools, Assembly Jigs and Fixtures including sections of assembly lines. Kaman solves critical technical problems with highly engineered Aeros…

    Networker of SHREE ENGINEERS
     Looking for Partners to form collaboration for Technology Transfer & Manufacturing.  Offer our production facilities for detailed parts, sub-assemblies, assembly of products. High Precision Machined Structural parts for Fuselage, Wings and Vertical Fins. • Front Fuselage- Beam, Profiles. • Central Fuselage- Beam, Longeron, Longeron Flange, Coupling Flange Titanium. • Rear Fuselage- Beam, Panel of Frame, Lateral Panel of Floor. • Vertical Fins- Thin wall parts - Wall Rib & Skin mac…
  • Dr Christian Haigermoser

    Networker of Vectoflow GmbH
    Managing director
    Potential customers. Flow measurement equipment and consulting.
  • Annette Menger

    Networker of Photon Laser Engineering GmbH
    Project Manager Sales
    Wir suchen Firmen, die Bedarf an kostengünstigen mit Laser geschweißten Bauteilen und Komponenten haben Wir bieten langjährige Erfahrung im Schweißen (mit Laser und konventionell) von Baugruppen, Komponenten und Prototypen, u. a. für die Automobil-, Schienenfahrzeug- und Luftfahrtindustrie sowie den Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, modernste Anlagentechnik zum Laserschneiden und -schweißen, Beratung bei der lasergerechten Konstruktion von Baugruppen