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  • Lajka Birkedal Hollesen

    Co-owner and Partner
    Business partners, networking, knowledge sharing, new input and inspiration. High quality translation and localization services for many sectors and areas with an emphasis on tech and new industries.
  • Deputy Director Alexander Bothmann

    Deputy Director
    Companies and organizations that are interested in business opportunities in the State of Florida (USA) OUR SERVICES: All of our services are free of charge. They include: • Detailed information and customized proposals on Florida’s communities • Site selection assistance • Permitting and regulatory assistance • Information on business incentives • Business introductions.
  • Dipl. Ing. Harald Buschmeier

    Networker of Nolte Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH Werkzeug- und Formenbau
    Leitung Vertrieb/Head of Sales
  • Peter Davies

    Networker of IFS
    Sales Director, Global Sales, Aviation & Defence
    IFS provides enterprise software solutions for commercial airlines, operators, 3rd Party MRO companies, OEMs and defence organisations, airports or any company that provides equipment logistics, manufacture, MRO or support solutions into airline or aircraft operations. IFS Applications software manage the activities of engineering, maintenance planning & execution, materials and human resources of aviation organisations.
  • Dr. Ottfried Franke

    Networker of urbanPR GmbH
    Standortmarketing Faßberg
    Ich suche für Faßberg am Standort interessierte Unternehmen, auch StartUps oder Dependancen, zivile Bildungsträger sowie Aus- und Fortbildungseinrichtungen als ziviles Pendant zum militärischen Ausbildungszentrum Faßberg (Konvergenz). Willkommen sind auch Unternehmen im Leichtbau. siehe Beschreibung
  • Robin Hahn

    Networker of splone
    Strategic partners, investments, pilots Splone is developing an assessment tool that provides network analysis and vulnerability scans for industrial and IoT networks.
  • Ralf Jakubowski

    Networker of Ralf Jakubowski - Industrialdesign & Designconsulting
  • Dr. Vitali Judin

    Networker of ROGERS Corporation
    Area Sales Engineer at ROGERS Corp.
    OEMs working on RF Designs RF & thermal management PCB laminates & RF design consulting from the PCB material point of view.
  • Matthias König - Servometer Sales Representative

    Networker of MW Industries, Inc.
  • Sales Director Attached Language Intelligence Matthijs Kooijman

    Sales Director
    Airlines, airline suppliers and other aviation industry related companies that are looking for a professional translation and localization partner with over 17 years of experience working for major players in the field of aviation. Our offering to these companies includes translations (Marketing, Technical, Legal), multilingual copywriting, co-creation, proofreading, DTP, ISEO (International SEO), workflow optimizations and interpreting services. As their partner, we guide our clients through …
  • Senior Consultant Krisztian Lohr

  • Jan Marsch

    Networker of OSM Buildings
    Remote Sensing, Building Recognition, Terrain Data, 3D Modelling, LIDAR Remote Sensing, Building Recognition, Terrain Data, 3D Modelling, LIDAR